Who We Help

SecondLook works with both established healthcare organizations and entrepreneurs to identify, plan, and implement virtual care models.

Healthcare Organizations

Telehealth is becoming a standard practice within the world of healthcare.  Providers of all types and sizes are finding that telehealth is an important tool for providing timely, high-quality care to patients, for expanding their service area, and for remaining competitive.    However, implementing telehealth in an active clinical environment is not without its challenges.  Our expertise at SecondLook ensures that your program offerings are both clinically and financially effective. 

Our services typically fall into two categories:

Program strategy.   Telehealth can be used to foster a wide array of operational goals.  It can increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve quality of care.  Some services, departments and individual providers are more appropriate for telehealth than others, and no two organizations are the same.  We work to find the places in your organization where telehealth can have a positive and lasting impact, both clinically and financially.

Our strategy engagements include deliverables that you can act upon immediately, including program budgets, job descriptions, technology requirements and project plans.

Clinical and Operational Implementation.  Telehealth implementations are successful when physicians and other healthcare providers are able to easily integrate remote consultation into their work lives, so that it becomes one of the many comfortable, well-understood, and effective tools for the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  Bringing this sense of ease into the work lives of healthcare providers requires careful modification of workflows throughout the organization, ranging from appointment scheduling to patient interaction to medical documentation to clinical decision making to billing and reimbursement.  At every step, there are regulations that must be respected, best practices that should be followed, and data that can be collected to measure program effectiveness. 

At SecondLook we bring our extensive experience to bear to ensure that every department within your organization is informed and supported as they expand to support a telehealth offering.  We roll up our sleeves to work right along side you, your patients, and all your healthcare partners to make your program a working success.


The healthcare market is full of opportunity for telehealth-based products and services.  The market landscape is still fairly new and wide open, but it is also changing rapidly.  Our many years of experience in the telehealth world can help entrepreneurs design products and businesses that reflect the complex and varied demands of the healthcare market, operate within a complex regulatory environment, and meet the requirements of both buyers and end users.

Business Plans.  We deliver business plans that are clear and complete, including detailed product and service descriptions, marketing plans, distribution and partnership models, legal and regulatory analysis, competitive positioning, operations plans, pro forma financials, and implementation timelines.